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Is t shirt printing profitable?

T-shirt printing clothes are often an impulse purchase, so for merchants, this is definitely a good niche market. Do you want to know how to start an online T-shirt printing business and make it successful? Then you have come to the right place. Every business needs to be promoted.

How much profit does a T-shirt business make in a year?

Frankly speaking, your profit is determined by your business type, customer base, workload, cost, creativity, time, etc. Generally, the more you invest in the business, the more you get paid.

To put it simply, usually the manufacturing cost of an ordinary T-shirt is about 100Rs, and the retail price profit is Rs 400, so when you sell 100 pieces a day, the total profit is about Rs40000.

Of course, when you start your business in the early stages, you may not be able to make so much money. But if your business grows to a certain level, your profits may be more.

On the contrary, for early entrepreneurs who want to run a T-shirt PRINTING business, PIXEL TRADERS is the key to your success in starting a T-shirt business.