“Welcome To Day-2 Of Basic Training of single color screen printing WhatsApp Class!”

                                                         Topics Covered-DAY 2

1.Revision of Last day 

2.Proper allayment of fabric or paper on the machine. why allayment is important?

3.Types of ink -Plastisol, water based , pvc & glossy ink.

4.Printing Process on fabric.

5.Total stroke on fabric for good result.

6.Curing and fusing

7.Special ink like reflective inks, glow in dark ink, puff, hd  etc

8. Discussion  about  last 2 day training and feed back.

Revision of Coating Video -1

Revision-2 Drying, and Exposing

Revision-2 Decoding the frame & reclaiming for new print-T shirt printing

Your Action Steps For-Day 2

TASK #1: Watch The Above Video Completely. Tomorrow’s Video Will Not Make Sense To You, If You Do Not Understand DAY 1 STEPS So I Highly Recommend Watching Today’s Video And Do Practical As Home Work Completely…

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TASK #3:TASK #5: Comment & Share Your Insights Below. Comment Below And Share Your Insights On Today’s Video…And Tell Me How Excited You’re For The Upcoming Class.
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