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What is Underbase?

When printing on apparel, the fabric is not white by default and that’s where the underbase comes in. An underbase is a layer of ink (generally white or another light color) that is printed as a “base” on a dark shirt for other colors to sit on. This gives the top colors more brilliance. Think of it as a sort of “primer” to allow the other inks to pop with color on the shirts. Since the underbase is generally a high opacity ink, it is flash-cured before the top colors are printed over it.

Most vendors use the CMYK color model for DTG printing. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). The underbase is the white color applied first, which acts as a barrier to keep your shirt color from bleeding through, mucking up your print colors.

You may be concerned that this layer of white will be visible in the final, finished product. However, when done properly the customer should not be able to see the underbase at all.

Why is Underbase Needed?

Underbasing is a very useful tool in the industry and at Gooten we consider it invaluable for printing light ink colors on darker shirt colors. If there is no underbase, white color won’t be printed at all, because no CMYK ink combination can produce the white color.

Manufacturers use water-based inks in DTG printing, and the colors (CMYK) are translucent. To see the image at all, we must first apply a white base print and then add colors on top. This base print is the key to a bright and vibrant image. Get the underbase right, and the rest of the print naturally will fall into place.

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