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Screen Exposing Machine

Here we learn about Screen Exposing machine its timing to expose.we give excat timing for expose. by reading this any one can make exposing box in home.

so let start…..

  1. Source a light fixture to power bulb.
  2. In a light safe environment center bulb directly above the middle of screen at a height of 12-15 inches.                                                                                           Note: If bulb 
  3. distance is more from frame, it will take three more time, and distance is less than it will shorter time to expose., but focus more direct  light to source is to the center of the screen. For big screens use a higher distance and increase LED LIGHT exposure time.
  4. Place opaque black PRINT mirror image of your design onto shirt side of screen and tape to screen. If your transparency is not dark your screen will not expose . Use good QUALITY PHOTO PAPER  your printer.
  5.  Add a piece of thin clear glass on top of your screen to increase the pressure on screen during exposure. this will help increase the detail exposure of matter .
  6. Expose for 3-4 minutes in a dark room. Note: Ensure your screen is bone dry before exposing, large number of emulsion your screen has, the longer time to  exposure . Increase exposure time around 30 sec for lower mesh counts frames.
  7. Expose time for 60 watt LED TUBES is 3:40 to 3:50  minutes (depending on mesh) in a light safe environment. Note: check before exposing weather screen dry or not otherwise it will wash.  If your screen washes all emulsion we have to check  two problem.            TIPS —first check ratio of emulsion and sensitizer is correct as par company manual.—–second dry properly around 20 min before exposing  
  8. Washout your screen through pressure pump or garden sprayer.
  9. VISIT;- for more info.

Exposing Box for Screen Printing Mild Steel (Manual) -LED Light Box- Frame Size 15X20 inch 

  • 6 LED Tube light fluorescent lights makes exposure evenly ,which Assurances the exposure quality.
  • Specifications: Voltage: 110/220V;Maximum Exposing Area: 20×25 inches; Note: The maximum internal size of your screen 18X23
  • User-friendly and practical principles, this LED Exposure Unit adopts table top structure,
  • Wodden body with cover for protection of screen frame, handle both side
  • Included components: wooden exposing box-6 led lights

Product description

Product Details:- Model -Pixel Traders Type -Mild Steel Manual, Frame Size – 15X20 Light -Led TUBE LIGHT Dispatch Time -6 Days exposing Use in – T Shirts Printing, Paper, Plastic, Non Woven Bags. No glass provided. buyer need to fit glass of 6mm thickness, INCH. NO NEED ANY PHYSCIAL VISIT FOR INSTALLATION.VERY EASY TO INSTALL.


  • If we want print graphics design on fabric give thick layer on frame of  emulsion.
  • All work should be done in dark room.
  • Ensure your film positive is dark.
  • Check  screen has good contact between the film positive and the 
  • screen mesh. Add a sheet of glass or foam above the screen to increase vacuum or positive contact. you can use black cloth to cover the exposer light.
  • If your screen exposes but wash out other emulsion , increase exposure time by  30 sec and try again.

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