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4 Best Screen Printing Machine in INDIA


         4 Best Screen Printing Machine in India


                             In the market, you will find a lot of screen printing machines in india. They are different from each other depending on the brand, model, capacity, performance, etc.

There are a lot of famous Manufacturer  for screen printing machines in India such as Pixel traders, etc.

Finding the best screen printing machine for your business needs close observation and intensive search based on reviews, price, and other factors.
Among the screen printing machine available in the market some are equipped with multiple numbers of stations which enables the users to do multi-tasking. Most screen printers provide the provision of printing t-shirts of multiple colors.


For example

  4 color 4 station screen printing machine can hold 4 screen plates simultaneously and capable of providing 4 colors overprinting.


So we look one by one.

                              1.1 station 1 color screen printing machine


   so, by reading the name we know that this machine have 1 pallat for t shirts holding and 1 c channel for frame holding.

it is best for single color non woven bag printing, paper, plastic pouch printing.


             2.  1 station 4 color screen printing machine.

This machine have 4 arms to hold fames and 1 pallets for t shirt holding. its very popular among new commers who starting the business. this machine we can print 4 color print like CMYK, spot printing etc.



This machine is commonly used in Asia and us. its is low investment machine, easy to setup and printing. The total investment is very low. any new comer can start printing business from this.        


3. 2 station 4 color screen printing machine. This is for where some time order quantity increases, so  in this machine 2 people can print at a time for more production.



4.4 station 4 color screen printing machine   This is commercial machine .printing product depend on worker, but around 800 to 1200 pic can print on this machine. You can print 4 color job like CMYK.


5.    6 Color 6 station screen printing machine-
   As name we can know this machine have 6 station. the production capacity is around 2000 pic in a day. this machine come 2 different modal.

a- Cruz modal

b- front modal.


4 Best Screen Printing Machine in India



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