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DTF Printing Set uP Price, Problem

DTF SETUP लेने से पहले इस ब्लॉग को जरूर पढ़े

DTF SETUP के लिए कितने पैसों की जरूरत होती है? COST OF DTF SETUP ?

एक छोटा DTF PRINTING SETUP करने के लिए निम्नलिखित मशीनें ,कलर व केमिकल की जरूरत पड़ती है उसके मूल्य भी हम आपको यहां बता रहे हैं मगर DTF PRINTING शुरू करने से पहले आप जहां से भी यह DTF PRINTING  खरीदेंगे तो गारंटी- वारंटी इन सभी बातों की जानकारी उस विक्रेता से जरूर ले लीजिएगा .DTF SETUP  लेते वक्त आपको DTF PRINTING की पूरा प्रोसेस उसमें लगने वाले सॉफ्टवेयर और क्या-क्या प्रॉब्लम आते हैं उन सब की जानकारी अच्छे से ले लेनी है अथवा भविष्य में आपको बहुत परेशानियां झेलनी पड़ सकती हैं इसके लिए हमने एक वीडियो भी बनाया हुआ है उसका लिंक हम आपको यहां पर दे रहे हैं वह आप अच्छे से देख लीजिए समझ लीजिए उसके बाद सारी बातों को ध्यान में रखकर अपना उचित निर्णय करिए.

                        Best DTF Printer for Home setUp

Finding best DTF printer (direct-to-film printers) for our business is a big challenges for us.

From below you can start your home printing business.

  1. In This Post you can learn.
  2.      Total cost for set up home printing business.?
  3.       Area required for DTF printing setup?
  4.       Man power for DTF printing setup?
  5.       Profit margin in DTF printing?
  6.       Best Top 5 DTF printer.
  7.       If you wish you can buy from here directly.

1.Total cost for set up home printing business.?
         Ans-If we setup home printing business. and we have some budget issue, then we need A3 printer ,because some time customer brings A3 size printing design for printing. and if WE HAVE A4 DTF printer then we loose  OUR CUSTOMER.
So For A3 printer we need around 60,000/-Rs (2023)( Include conversation NORMAL PRINTER TO DTF PRINTER.) 
After that we need a OVEN for melting hot melt powder on pet films. Its come around 15000/-Rs(2023)
DTF printer inks 6 inks all – 100ml=3500/-Rs
Pet films A3 size=3500/-Rs
Ink Circulation kit-15000/-Rs
Heat Press machine (15×15)-15000/-Rs
Its approx 1.30/-Lakh (2023)investment need ,if  we need to setup DTF Printing..
2.Area required for DTF printing setup?
         Ans- Minimum Normal 300 sqft area We need for This DTF Printing setup.
3.Man power for DTF printing setup?
         Ans-A single person can operate this setup.no need any helper for this.
4. Profit margin in DTF printing?
        Ans- Generally A3 size printing sheet cost around 50 Rs/-(2023) and we charge Rs 150/- for customer to print and heat transfer.so profit margin is 100%
but in DTF PRINTING there is a wastage problem while printing .so Approx. our profit reduced to 60% .

Here  DTF printer which we use for small printing setup.

1.Epson L1800 Converted DTF Printer-full converted DTF Printer setup.

DTF printer



About this item

  • Customer Support no 9717541444/7291975771 for software and Installation
  • This is converted Epson L1800 printer
  • Printer can be used to print on any kind of fabric
  • Print size is A3
  • 15 By 15 heat press machine is included

Product description

Looking to start your Printing Business on any kind of fabric(i.e. Cotton, Polyester, Matte or mix) your search ends here with Print Digits!! We provide you complete setup along with software. We will give you complete training, Demo and installation guidance over the video call ( Customer support no 9717541444/7291975771). Please note that if it is opened/seal broken/used (if you printed a single page also)/installed. Only Box pack items can be returned within 7 Days from the date of Dispatch. * Return shipping charges should be paid by customer.*

In this package you will get

  • 1 KG Powder
  • CMYKWW-6 Color Ink set 100gm each
  • DTF film roll
  • Heat resistance tape
  • Teflon sheet
  • 15×15 heat press machine
  • A3 Paper cutter

2.Now 2nd one is Epson L1800.

In this package we see only Epson L800 DTF Printer and its specification.

DTF printer

Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Printing TechnologyInk Tank
Special FeatureCompact
Printer OutputMonochrome
Max Print speed Monochrome15 ppm
Item Weight

15073 Grams

Here we give you 2 option for Home Printing .if you want do big setup so click the link here.

Thanks for reading.

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