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Automatic Printing vs Manual Screen Printing

Automatic Screen Printing

When someone’s business is going in a good manner, he or she switches to the automatic method of printing shirts to expand his or her business..

Switching to the automatic printing method from the manual printing method is not an easy process. In fact, one must switch to an automatic method from the manual method only after considering lots of factors.

The principal aim of every business is to grow. Growth in terms of money and growth in terms of the brand is something that every business wants. But buying an automatic screen printing press for printing shirts is something that no business owner should take lightly. It is obvious that the automatic printing method will surely work to wipe out the bulk orders. But you must also keep in mind about customer satisfaction.

In order to run the automatic screen printing press, you will have to get a number of steady orders from your customers. For this reason, you will have to maintain a good relationship with your customers in terms of quality.

You need to have a very good foundation for your business before you switch to an automatic method of printing. You will need to have a number of customers giving you hundreds of orders on a steady basis. Of course, the automatic method of printing will bring you lots of money, but you’ll have to pay much attention when you switch your business to an automatic method of printing shirts.

Benefits of Using Automatic Printing Press

Less effort by automatic printing

The automatic printing method requires the least effort and can provide output in a short period of time without taking any break. On the one hand, where manual printing requires large manpower and needs time to time break, automatic printing methods can produce more output without any break.

Precise printing

When considering the large volume of orders, manual printing methods fail to provide accurate or precise results. Some fluctuations occur in manual methods. The automatic printing method removes this fluctuation and ensures a precise and perfect result.

Higher production rate

When the customers want quick delivery of a large number of orders, then the manual printing method fails to do so. The automatic printing method ensures quick delivery or output rate. When it requires complete orders of large volumes in very less time, then the automatic printing method is the prime choice for everyone.

Suitable for all types of projects

As the automatic printing method has a higher production rate, the least physical effort requirement, and accurate printing, it can be used for all types of projects. Especially when it comes to bigger projects, the automatic printing method is the prime choice for every printing service provider.
The Limitations of Automatic Printing Method

Cost of the automatic screen printing press

The cost of an automatic printing machine is much higher than a manual printing machine or any other screen printing machine. The average cost of an automatic printing machine ranges between 20 thousand $ to 30 thousand $. It is sure that beginners may not be able to afford an automatic printing machine. But as it is a good income source, taking a loan to buy it is not a bad option.

Unsuitable for small jobs

When it comes to small printing jobs, and automatic printing machine doesn’t seem to be cost-effective. They seem good while handling bulk orders.

Set-up area for the automatic screen printing press

An automatic screen printing machine need more space.It requires a larger area to accommodate and operate. Thus having a limitation in space is not suitable for this machine.

Manual Screen Printing Method

Manual screen printing is the method of printing starting from one station top presses to eight-station floor presses. If you are a beginner or a medium level printer, then the manual page is the most desirable option for you. If you are expecting a short term run, then manual printing is for you. Moreover, if you have enough time to make a long term run, then you can also use screen printing in this case.

The meaning of manual printing is the way how it sounds. This enables the users to make various kinds of adjustments and editing with the printing process. This is the reason why customers get more attracted to manual printing when they need adjustments in the printing process.

Manual printing, of course, has many benefits. But it also requires lots of effort to do manual printing. Manual printing completes a lot of steps. The person performing manual printing has to rotate the carousel, make various adjustments, to bend and to kneel, lower and lift the printing heads, and many more.

The automatic printers print a large number of shirts per day. On the other hand, the printing time of a shirt by a manual method is also longer as compared to automatic printing.

If you want to continue your shirt printing business with a manual printing method, then you will surely have a good quality of printed shirts. But this process is time taking so you will have to hire several employees to complete the orders in time. Manual printing is an easy process. If all the conditions mentioned above are in your favor, then you can go with a manual printing method or else have a look below about the automatic printing method.

The Benefits of Printing Shirts with the Manual Printing method


It is sure that the manual printing machine comes at a lower price as compared to the automatic printing press. The manual printing machine is slower as compared to the automatic printing press, but it has its own benefits. Its benefit in terms of cost is that you can get a four color /1 station manual printing machine for a price as low as 150 dollars.

Works best to handle small orders

As we mentioned earlier, the manual printing method is the best choice for beginners and even intermediates. When you just start your printing business, it is not likely that you will get big orders within a day. At the beginning of your business, you get small orders. The manual printing method is a popular choice for small and medium orders.

Limitations of Manual Printing Method

Needs more labors

In order to complete the orders in time, you need a large number of people to work with you. The quality of the screen printing using a manual method depends upon the ability of the operator.

Speed limitations

The printing speed of the manual printing machine is much lower as compared to the automatic printing press. An automatic printing press can produce ten times the number of outputs per day than a manual printing machine can do. This explains that the manual printing method is not a good option to complete large orders in time.

Printing consistency

It is difficult to get consistency in printing the shirts using manual printing methods. When it comes to print 1000 t-shirts of the same type, the manual printing method somehow fails to do so. This is due to the fact that the appearance of the t-shirt depends upon the pressure applied to the machine, which may sometimes vary.

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