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Direct to Garment Printing-DTG

          what is DTG-Direct to Garment Printing?

  is a process where we print directly on garments.its print both light and dark garments.

 Benefits of Direct to garment printing

• Very soft feel on the shirt, as the print blends in with the fabric.
• A cool way to be print, different than the standard plastic inks.
• You can get vibrant colors on dark shirts.
• No heavy layer of ink since there isn’t an application of thick white ink under the colors.
• Your design can include detail and tight registration of colors.
• Discharge ink can be a selling point for your shirts.
• Won’t fade, crack or peel.

Direct to garment printing

What is the difference between discharging ink and white ink t shirt printing machine?

1. Better air/water permeability. White ink t shirt printing machine is printing a coat of resin on textile, and the resin cannot permeate air or water. However our New Technology t shirt printer machine is using a special way to change the textile’s molecular structure, and to change black into white, so the printing is same feeling as textile itself; it can surely permeate water and air.
2. Best image keeping. Our discharge ink is to change the textile’s molecular structure, and to change black into white. So, the discharge ink printed image will keep on t-shirt forever. While, the white ink printing is to print a coat of white resin and white granules, so, if you wash after many times, it may be broken.
3. Special Effects. Using our discharge ink t shirt printing machine, you can print unique effects, which could never be compounded by any colors. Such as vintage effect, non-mainstream effect, etc
4. Extremely Low Costs. Using our new technology, printing one A4 full size image only costs 0.5ml ink, which is only 25% of the pigment white ink printing costs.
T-shirt printing machine, Direct to garment printing printer for market demand.
small, micro market welcome, now increasingly personalized T-shirt market, the pursuit of comfort, style, consumers pay more attention to every T-shirt printing on
some pattern, pattern, color. Large mass production time, and on the T-shirt personalized market economy mode, the mini, small T-shirt printing machine more cater to

the market demand. The low-end market chaos, type in the market to low-end T-shirt printing machine clinch a deal price 80000 yuan has, compared with the normal price

range is very large. Market profit is exaggerate low-end printing equipment function and minimize maintenance costs, no perfect after-sales maintenance services,
consumer is buying the equipment after found the problem, has been too late, high ink and equipment precision is not high, color deviation, print the circumstance such

as fuzzy emerge in endlessly, and moreover no maintenance team.
  • Direct to garment printing, fabric printing machine can finish printing at one time
  • t shirt printer is relative to the traditional printer. it broke through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, is not restricted by any material, whether it is a simple piece of color design, full color pattern or have too much color, universal printer can be printed at a time, no plate-making, no need for plate burning and repeat tinted, wide application field.
    Achieved in the true sense of a piece of printing, without plate making, a complete full color image, is the replacement of the traditional printing machine.
  • T shirt printing machine, t shirt printer is high quality and fast printing

1, the operation is simple and convenient.
2, fast printing.
3, to overcome the boundaries.
4, meet various shapes.
5, height adjustment and batch setting.
The print height. And mass production can be arbitrarily set automatic feeding time, dispense with repeat the steps of using a computer.
6, is not affected by material objects.
7, high precision, perfect printing.
8 printing format.
Meet the single juck A3 (480 mm * 330 mm), A2 (420 mm * 640 mm), and other wide personalized printing.
9, rough surface and cant print.
10, adopt continuous ink system.
11, using special waterproof ink.
12, printing and production costs low.
13, personalized printing.


1.What is the Cost of printing in DTG?

Ans-In India around 120 to 150 taken from shopkeeper who print dtg.

2.Is DTG cheaper than screen printing?

Ans-NO, screen printing is much cheaper than dtg, but if you have less quantity like 1 pcs , so DTG is good

3.Does DTG last longer?

Ans- Its is last longer ,but in long run the printing become fade.

screen print ink like plastisol ink is last longer.

4. DTG is washable?

Ans-Yes, it is washable with cool normal water. after washing it hang below shady area,  direct and hard sunlight damage the print .

5.DTG have to be 100% cotton?

Ans-for printing 100% cotton give best result. a fabric contain minimum 60% of cotton fabric for DTG printing.

6.How many washes does DTG?

Ans-Around 40 washes

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