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Which is best-Screen Printing vs Sublimation Printing?

Both screen printing and sublimation ink have their advantages, so how do you choose between (Screen printing vs sublimation) them?

There are two famous types of imprints (Screen printing or sublimation) One is screen printing and the other is 3D sublimation printing. You will often find these two types of printing, especially when you practice printing on fabric or ceramic. But what do these two different methods mean? Is there any substantial difference between the two or both are synonyms? Let’s talk today about sublimation and screen printing. .

Order volume

The high volume is the bread and butter of screen printing. The higher the print order of the screen, the more profitable it becomes compared to other methods. On the contrary, dye sublimation takes a long time, is expensive and impractical for large orders.

Small orders can be equally impractical for screen printing. To compensate for the set-up times required for screen printing, many screen printing seminars will have a minimum order requirement to make the work useful.

Versatility and limitations

One of the biggest limitations of dye sublimation is that it only works on polyester or other special synthetic garments, so cotton shirts are not an option. While ink sublimation offers vivid prints, it works well only on white or light-coloured garments.

Dye sublimation will not be visible on dark substrates.

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